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My friend Sara featuring me sounding like I’m dying

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*gets my nipples pierced at Claire’s*

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Stacey made me take down her snapchats :((((

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on League of Legends you can legitimately report someone for being an “unskilled player” like how shitty is that

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patiently waits for stacey’s reaction

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It’s a sign that u shouldn’t post it… Take them down nowww

pLEASE STAcey I bet Shandiny thinks it’s funny

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someone already liked it hehehe

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*patiently waiting for stacey to come online so i can post her embarrassing snapchats*

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if ur ever talking to an attractive person and they go “why is ur face red” just say “bc ur so hot u gave me sunburn” trust me

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Hey my name is Michael. I live in Washington and i'm a freshman in High School and so far it's been fun. yeah I'm 15 years old too.
My title I am constantly changing to songs I really like.
My music is random songs from the Harry Potter soundtrack but I just had to add Nigel Thornberry I couldn't help myself it's just so funny
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